Axelrod Performing Arts Center


October 2, 2016- February 28, 2017
Opening Reception, November 5, 2016 at 7 pm

Dawn DiCicco
“I am an art thief.

“I take possession of every artist and musician who has ever inspired me and imprison them in my creative subconscious. I then release them as abstracted images onto the canvas in the form of a word, a color, a scrap of newspaper, a borrowed song lyric, a ragged swath of paint swiped across the canvas. I use texture, direction, depth and color to convey emotion.

“My mixed media paintings are a rebellion; a direct response to the constrictions of s traditional life. When I am painting I can be a punk, a villain, a savage, a saint; free.”

Shari Epstein
“There is both a graphic and fluid quality to the photos that attract my attention. I adhere them to paper or canvas and use paint, clothing patterns, papers and fabric to create a multilayered abstract painting.”

Johanna Ericson
“My enjoyment of Lyrical Abstract Expressionism is in the spontaneous use of color and shape to see what emerges on the canvas each time. My challenge is to create a painting, without using realism, which is engaging for myself as well as the viewer.”

Thomas Farawell
“Color is the central component of my art, and it is my desire to create a sense of atmosphere through its many variations. It brings unity to the painting, and determines the emotion and mood of each piece. It's important for me to have an experimental attitude. I let the painting dictate the direction, and in many cases, it opens up new possibilities that are often more interesting. Each work has its own timeline, and its own direction. I have no pre-conceived ideas before putting the brush to the canvas or paper, only techniques I want to try, or practices I want to follow. My goal throughout is to discover something new about the process that will support the evolution of my art.”

Nancy Karpf
“I enjoy looking at my surroundings and finding striking relationships among colors and shapes often found in nature. The qualities of line, loose and gestural brushwork are an integral part of my work. I attempt to juxtapose bold colors, textures and the play of light. I am drawn to the tactile feeling of paint and the creative process.”

James Kent
“For several years, my paintings have followed the fundamentally landscape-based abstract expressionist direction pioneered by artists such as Richard Diebenkorn. This has provided me with much inspirational territory. My recent work reflects a growing restlessness with working only in paint. Studying the works of Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, I have begun to explore using collage elements – everything from magazine and newspaper clippings to various found objects – to enrich the painted surface. These recent paintings are less referential to the landscape and more evocative of urban existence.”

Wayne Lerman
“The imagery of my pieces are a creation of urban expressionism ...form....color...geometry...texture..and contradiction!”

Lorraine Madsen
“A bout with cancer changed both my life and my art. It was at this time that I was introduced to abstract painting at the Guild in Shrewsbury, in their workshops conducted by James Kent, a very knowledgeable and talented artist. Naturalistic representation in oil and water color was now replaced by abstract painting, where I was challenged to be self-creative and spontaneous. I find it very rewarding that this looser style allows me to have greater freedom of expression.”

Dana McKay
“What I love about Lyrical Abstract Expressionism is that you begin a painting with no pre-conceived notion. I choose colors that I’m attracted to at the moment and just start painting what I feel, adjusting as I go along if I think it needs something more or different, or on the suggestion of others.”

Karen Starrett
Painting for me is an intuitive process. I begin each painting by drawing random shapes, then wiping part of them away allowing new forms to arise. Then I add washes of color which gives volume to the shapes and brings them to life. Color for me is the heart of the painting. It is the emotional component. As I work, each new shape and color informs what comes next until what I'm painting connects with a place or event in my memory.


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